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•  Along with BYU, UVU and others, the UVEF co-sponsored an emergency Utah Lake Symposium at UVU to set the record straight on current threats to Utah Lake.

•  Sign our petition to STOP the privatization of our beautiful, public trust Utah Lake—Utah Valley’s top natural treasure.

•  Xeriscaping may be for you.

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Drought, wildfires and air pollution, heat waves, rapid growth and the climate crisis: Utah Valley faces many environmental challenges.

Learn what you and all of us can do to help address our local and global environmental problems with our Action Guide for an Ailing Planet.

Help us by becoming a member, volunteer and or supporter.

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The Utah Valley Earth Forum (UVEF) is a non-profit education organization focused on motivating Utah Valley to care for the environment through effective action.

We do, and have done much to help the environment in Utah Valley. We have a long history of accomplishments since our founding in 2006.

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